Summer Fashion Trends to Watch

by Alana Jones

Fashion is an industry that is fast growing and changing and there are always some interesting new ways to fashion yourself for the coming year. The Spring/Summer fashion trends for 2014 are all about ladylike skirts, animal prints and nature. The color to wear for 2014 is blue.

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The runways for 2014 spring and summer fashion is all about nature. The general rule to follow when it comes to the fashion trends for the New Year is 'be natural'. Throughout all the fashion shows held in New York City, Paris and London, the theme was 'nature'. Major design brands are celebrating the natural woman, as the models wore less make up, lesser accessories, and light garments. So what are we in store for in 2014? Here's a summary of what went down at the major fashion shows.

Since the theme is 'natural', women should wear pastel shades and garments that are figure skimming. The major color theme presented by the fashion brands was a pastel blue shade. You can even experiment with the range of light blue colors like sky blue, powder blue, and light aquamarine. Blue was accompanied by accents of orange and coral red. White is still a hot trend for spring and summer clothing and black also made its mark for evening wear.

So what are the kinds of clothing designs that are trendy for spring/summer 2014? It is mostly figure-skimming attire like loose trousers and flouncy or ruffled tops. High waisted billowing pants are the style deals for 2014 while the dresses are somewhat the same as last year; we are looking at Maxis for 2014. The new look is more hippie than yuppie so, bring out your tribal prints and colors for next year's warm season. Floral prints are another major attraction for the fashion designers, as summer dresses with roses was one of the highlights in the fashion shows. Many designers also used perforated materials and fringes for spring/summer dresses. Another interesting fashion trend for 2014 is cowboy fringes; designers used beads, leather and fur for most of their designs. Apart from that, the major features of fashion trends for 2014 included flouncy skirts, long floor skimming skirts, crop tops, harem pants and rounded shoulders for tops.

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Most of us try to keep up with the fashion trends of the globe but the industry is growing rapidly and new designs and styles are experimented with constantly. Fashion designing is a major industry in the globe and even in Sri Lanka, the opportunities for fashion and design are increasing. If you want to be in with the trends and styles of today, why not attempt to expand your horizons with a variety of design courses in Sri Lanka. The exciting realm of Degree in Fashion Design Sri Lanka provides a lot of opportunities for young people to experiment and be imaginative. Take the leap and be bold take a step towards a career in fashion at the Raffles Design Institute, which is one of the prime organizations in the field.

Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2014 - 2014 Is A Blue Year, Fashionistas!

by Auburn Silver

Summer is almost here and the party season will soon be upon us. Time to ditch the black boots and (god forbid) the uggs, and bring out your bare legs, summer frocks, and strappy heels.

The stores are now bursting at the seams with warm-weather styles, so let us take a look at the big fashion trends for summer 2013/2014...
White on White - has not been such a big trend for a long time. From head to toe, white is HUGE this summer - perhaps THE big trend to watch. From clean, crisp white tops, to asymmetric skirts or tailored trousers, to strappy heels in white - the look is fresh and hot-weather friendly.

Black and White - easier for most of us to pull off than white on white, black with white is a classic monochrome look. Just be sure that for summer, focus on white as the dominant color - black can be heavy, unless light fabrics, such as silk or sheers are used.

Graphic and Digital Prints - a trend which we saw last year, digi-prints look to be here to stay - for now. From digi-florals, to more industrial prints, this is a popular look for tops and dresses and allows for an explosion of color. Neons, graphic prints; almost anything goes.

Midriff - this is a trend, which is not for everyone - so tread carefully. This look is structured - your garment needs to sit snug over washboard abs for this to be a successful look. Otherwise - avoid at all costs.

Minimalist Styling - clothes must fit beautifully to flatter well. It is a great idea to have a piece you love tailored to fit your own shape and proportions. Do not go overboard with accessories - choose one statement piece. Simple lines and cool summer colors, including neutrals are the way to go.

Ladylike - lace, sheers (with a slip), and cut outs are right on trend. Pastels are a hit for summer and hues from the entire rainbow are in right now. Anything goes with skirt lengths - so if you are not under twenty five and rocking a pair of pins to make Cameron Diaz jealous - opt for a knee length or maxi skirt rather than that micro mini that leaves nothing to the imagination. Dresses that advertise the color of your underwear if you step a certain way just are not classy.

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Shoes - summer is not the time for clunky, chunky footwear. Get a pedicure and rock strappy heels or flat sandals in white, nude, neutrals or color. Warm weather is the time to love your feet and legs and there are some amazing footwear styles to show them off in.
Superior Grooming - this summer, it is all about being well groomed. Hair slicked back into a neat, simple pony is probably the most achievable look. Modern French rolls are also popular (though anything but easy to achieve on one has own). Soft bouncy locks are also on trend.

Makeup - in summer, less is more. Opt for a tinted moisturizer over foundation; and play up one feature - either a nude lip with a statement eye, or a slick of color on the lips with a very simple eye.

Overall, the look of this season is Elegant. Think Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Mary of Denmark. When you do it right, ladylike can be very, very sexy...

Appointments With Fashion for the Year 2014

by Maria D'souza

New Year is here and we have not noticed how fast the first week of 2014 is passing by. Awesome is that you have not just a second chance but also a whole bunch of 365 chances at a minimum to make a unique beautiful style statement with new trends in girls clothing. That sure is wow! So do not repress but express your creative fashion sense in ecstasy this year.

As the year advances, the hot pick to look cool for the season shall be cool comfortable cottons. Breathable fabrics will be the obvious choice for the months ahead in summer season. It is almost certain that the beautiful Long gowns will make a grand re-entry this year. Short gowns will take a back row. The long gowns may actually become the hot favorites for every party scene or ramp walk this year.

Backless ladies tops and feminine frills and pleats will be the style quotient of the year when it comes to the lovely range of tops for girls. Shorts for girls and tie around styled tops will make summer of 2014 sensational. Capris or pants will continue to be equally stylish wear. Denims shall dominate the fashion scene as usual. Designer Kurtis, wrap around styled tops will take a further leap or button down shirts will be the choicest tops to add to the glamour in combination with trousers or jeans.

Skirts have not really made big in the Indian fashion scenario. However, 2014 may surprise us with skirt fashion swishing in through the doors of fashion once again. Just below the Knee, ankle length skirts or pencil skirts with lovely blouses topping off the outfit to perfection may be on the top of the shopping list of the girls clothing.

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Beautiful white for that serene look shall continue to be the best hot choice this year too. Black and white or black and gold combos will be a hit. Moreover, bright sunny yellows or oranges will be the top colors of the year. Nature prints and floral motifs will be in vogue. Heavy embroidery will be in high demand for the lovely fashion conscious girls to give them a fashionable outfit with that classy touch.

Mix and match will be the trendiest way to dress up in the year ahead. The combinations of bright heavy patterned bottoms with pastel colored tops in various fashionable cuts and styles will rise in the fashion graphs as the popular choice.

Nightwear for women, with gradual rise, will be an influential fashion division this year, as the designers have tried their wings out for this division as well. Satin nighties, bridal nightwear and pajamas will be seen in sensuous and classy designs this year.